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Jan 2, 2013 2:35am EST
phoenix to sacramento. >>> so if working out is not among your new year's resolutions -- not here. been there, done that. so here are 101 reasons to add it to your list. >> meet gertrude of boca raton, florida. believe it or not, she's 101 years old. still hits the gym about every day, spending 30 minutes on the bike before the treadmill. she says she's been doing it all her life. >> i had three bicycles. i was always on a bicycle, shopping, and everything. >> an active lifestyle. her much younger caretaker says she has trouble keeping up with her. she also likes to dance, meet new people, and hit the bars. i love it. she's just going to go on a rager. she turns 102 this summer. the question after we brought this up in our meeting was whether or not she's worked an overnight shift. >> i think it's bad for your health. >> then you start ageing in dog years. good for her, though. go have a beer gertrude, or two. >>> coming up, there's a patch for pain, one to quit smoking. and now one man claims there's one to prevent hangovers. >> i'm wearing it now by the way. an elusive world leader em
Jan 10, 2013 2:35am EST
a group of investors who want to buy the sacramento kings and move them to seattle. the group has offered $500 million to buy the nba franchise. the family that owns the team are struggling because their casino franchise took a big hit. seattle used to have the supersonics, but that team left back in 2008 for oklahoma city, and were renamed the thunder. >>> three of baseball's biggest names have bn shut out of the hall of fame. it's the big huge hit for barry bonds, sammy sosa and roger clemens, who were caught up in a scandal. abc's david kerley has more. >> reporter: it is where the names of the great reside. ruth, williams, robinson, dimaggio. but for the first time in two decades no names will be added to the halls at cooperstown. no to pitcher roger clemens. no to barry bonds. he hit a record 71 home runs in one season. no to sammy sosa, the fifth player to ever hit more than 600 home runs. but all were suspected of using steroids or performance enhancing drugs. >> if there's any connection, real or imagined to performance enhancing drugs, they're just not getting the writer'
Jan 29, 2013 1:40am PST
from sacramento to phoenix. >>> and rob, even you can enjoy this way of getting down the slopes. that's why this is our favorite story of the day. >> it's called skouching, as in skiing on a couch. you nail skis to a couch, go to the top of a hill and let gravity do its thing and take the ride down. if you don't understand the rose bud reference, here's a hit. citizen cane. >> they say there aren't many rules, just be safe and have fun. my question is, how do these things just start up? who decides i'm going to attach some skis to a lounger and go skiing. >> one word -- alcohol. i would much rather have taken the couch down than falling the way i fell out there in beautiful park city, utah. great town, but i took some tumbles out there. i'll take the lazy boy any day of the week, with my chicken wings. >>> coming up next, the advertisers gaining an advantage before the super bowl. >> and sexy sports cars racing along a busy airport runway. get the story behind this revved up stunt. you're watching "world news now." >>> "world news now" weather brought to you by lunesta. tossing
Jan 1, 2013 2:15am PST
in the 20s. phoenix and sacramento in the 50s. and honolulu sounds awfully tempting at 78. i'm highly jealous if you're in miami or honolulu. i wish i were with you. >> me, too. >>> coming up, a look at new year's celebrations around the word. >> but first, we'll remember those that we lost in 2012. you're watching "world news now." ♪ ♪ >>> welcome back. as we say goodbye to 2012, we say goodbye to a long list of public figures that passed away. >> here's a look at those we lost. ♪ ♪ i will always love you ♪ >> this badge does all my talking for me. i'm sworn to uphold the law and that's what i mean to do. ♪ ♪ wherever you're going, i'm going your way ♪ >> i'm sentimental and romantic. i make no bones about that. >> blue suit, gray suit, i'm just a fat little man, a fat, ugly man. >> we wish you love and peace and soul. >> can we all -- can we all get along? can we get along? >> why? i'm mike wallace. >> the experience of a lifetime to be able to fly in space. >> i found a money back guarantee on a beauty cream. i rushed down to the store, they took one look at
Jan 25, 2013 2:40am PST
quake was centered about 100 miles east of sacramento, near the nevada border. a dozen quakes have rattled the region this week, causing no major damage. >>> on the other side of the globe, a cyclone is dumping record rainfall on australia. the downpours left this 14-year-old boy clinging to a tree in a rushing creek. but a daring rescue saved his life. thousands are still without power from the storm in eastern australia. forecasters expect more rain from what's left of the cyclone. >>> shifting gears now to foreign news this morning. sobering news in fact. north korea says it has america in its cross hairs. all of this dashing hopes that its new leader would be less provocative. the new threat warns that north korea will soon test a nuclear weapon and a long-range rocket aimed at the u.s. there are signs that a nuclear test is in the works and the missiles can now reach hawaii. but so far it does not appear that north korea can combine them. >>> north korea's threat will soon be john kerry's problem. president obama's nominee for secretary of state testified yesterday at a senate
Jan 7, 2013 3:00am PST
here in the northeast, 30s, fargo to detroit. 55, sacramento. 61 in phoenix. >>> oh as you all know, christian holiday season is officially over. ending with this weekend's feast of the three kings. >> right. i celebrated that. absolutely. in mexico city the celebration was especially festive. aimed primarily at children. who traditionally receive their gifts on january 6th. more than 150,000 balloons were released. each one carrying a letter asking for their favorite toy. >> the celebration based on the story of the three wisemen who journey to bethlehem to greet jesus christ shortly after he was born. great meaning and pretty pictures. >> yeah, a big deal. in puerto rico where i was briefly on vacation. we always celebrated this at home. it's bigger than christmas. >> really? huge. >> you put out this box. fill it with grass. three kings come. camels, horses, eat the grass. they replace it with gifts. >> filled with grass, huh. sound like christmas at snoop's house. >> just grass. >> sorry, wilson, to offend you with the snoop dogg. >>> a follow up about the woman fired for her go
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)